Victoria Price, daughter of Vincent Price, finds her father's voice in Phantom Manor

The attentive visitors of Phantom Manor are able to recognize the voice of Vincent Price, a legendary actor of horror cinema. By the magic of technology, it is he who now welcomes guests in the manor and guides them to the heart of the mystery.

On Sunday, June 2, her daughter, Victoria Price, came to France from the United States and of course visited the Ravenswood mansion with several fans of the actor, to hear his voice echo through the halls of Phantom Manor. A delightful moment, at once surprising and moving!

The recording of Vincent Price's voice was made for the opening of the attraction in 1992 but had not been used (aside from his legendary laughter). The refurbishment of Phantom Manor has given new life to this recording from the original bands, and gave the opportunity to the Imagineers to consider for the first time a narration both in French and English.

Accompanied by the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors Joana Afonso and Giona Prevete, Victoria Price and her group were able to discover the other stories of the resort during a particularly sunny guided tour, as they enjoyed iconic attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.