New details about the central hub of its extension

As main construction works are scheduled to begin by the end of this year, Disneyland Paris has revealed new details of its upcoming extension that will include a lake which will become the largest natural stage of Walt Disney Studios Park.

Imagine shimmering water with lakeside promenades, beautifully landscaped banks, waterfront restaurants and impressive vistas. A 3-hectare lake is set to become the new leisure hub of Walt Disney Studios Park — and it promises to be impressive.

More than a scenic icon, the lake will serve as a unique entertainment stage with a 360° viewing area. It will be fitted with the latest technologies to provide exciting water-based spectacles, complete with fountains, music and lights, special effects that are sure to delight guests. 

“This new, open-air development will add to the beauty and immersiveness of Walt Disney Studios Park, while providing the perfect center stage for not only daytime shows, but also nighttime spectaculars. It will completely rejuvenate the park’s experience,” said David Wilson, site portfolio executive for Euro Disneyland Imagineering, the division that designs and develops themed areas and attractions for Disneyland Paris.

The lake will also serve as a gateway to new themed universes that will surround it. An area inspired by the beloved animated feature Frozen will become the beacon of the park’s extension, with a re-creation of the famous port of Arendelle at the base of a 40 meter-high mountain. Nearby, fans of Star Wars will get to live their own adventure in an area dedicated to a galaxy far, far away. Both areas will be complete experiences, with each featuring not only a major attraction, but a dining location, shops and character encounter opportunities.

Similar to Disneyland Park, the development will be complemented by a tall, landscaped berm at the perimeter that will help mitigate potential impact to the neighboring region.