Straight out of Agrabah, many products await you at Disneyland Paris

To celebrate the release of the Aladdin live action in theaters, discover a selection of our products inspired by the film. Visit Disneyland Paris where you will find stuffed animals, pins, toys, dolls, and many more surprises.

Here are the details of the products:

Aladdin soft toy - 29.99 €
Pin's Jasmine and Aladdin - 7.99 € (find the pins at Book Store, Harrington's, Emporium, World of Disney)
Pin's Abu - 6.99 €
Pin's Genie - 6.99 €
Pin's Jasmine - 7.99 €
Mug Genie - 16.99 €
Figure Jasmine - 14.99 €
Jasmine Headband - 19.99 €
Genie's lamp - 49.99 €

The products are on sale at:

The Curious Giraffe, La Chaumière des Sept Nains (Disneyland Park)
Walt Disney Studios Store (Walt Disney Studios Park)
World of Disney, World of Toys (Disney Village)