Marvel Season of Super Heroes : More about Star Expo: Make Way for a Better Tomorrow !

Aurélien Berda, show director of Stark Expo: Make way for a better Tomorrow! , reveals us some informations about the show show which will be played on the stage in front of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.


The Marvel Super Heroes will be back soon at Disneyland Paris! Can we expect to see new characters as part of the new Marvel Season of Super Heroes ?


First of all, I am very happy to meet all the heroes who were already present at the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes last year. They are all back! This year, the season looks even more exciting with the arrival of new characters! Two new characters from the Marvel universe join the show Stark Expo: Make Way for a better Tomorrow! and Groot will come to dance with Gamora and Star-Lord in the  Dance-Off with Guardians of the Galaxy.


The show Stark Expo: Make Way for a better Tomorrow! come back this year with a new name! Does this new name induce changes? How did you think this new edition?

The show has been completely revised! Even if the global story does not change, we have imagined a new staging to offer an ever more immersive experience to our visitors. The duration of the show has almost doubled, allowing us to further develop the plot and the characters. In addition, the show will be accompanied by a brand new music specially composed for the occasion.

Several dancers will also appear in new costumes inspired by the armor of Iron Man and made here at Disneyland Paris.


You mentioned that new characters were coming in, can you tell us more?

Indeed, 2 new characters have been integrated into the show. While the movie just came out in theatres, we are very proud to have the great Captain Marvel in our ranks for this show. She will also have the opportunity to meet her fans at Blockbuster Café. The second character will try to quench his thirst for power: he is the sworn enemy of Captain America, Red Skull! He will be accompanied by his henchmen HYDRA to help him in his diabolical plans. I can not wait to see that!


Does the show contain technical novelties?

Yes ! We started from the fact that an exhibition revealing a new green energy would be broadcast live. So this year, Stark Expo: Make Way for a better Tomorrow! will also be broadcast live on giant screens, visitors can then see themselves attending this revolution.


What experience do you expect most this season?

I have an attachment to all the shows of this season because we worked a lot on each of the shows but Stark Expo: Make Way for a better Tomorrow! is what I'm the most waiting for. I am very impatient to see the reaction of visitors to this new version of the show. I really liked working on it and I hope with all my heart that it will delight young and old.


What is your favorite Marvel character?

It's very complicated to choose among all these characters as impressive and powerful! But if I had to choose one I would say Spider-Man because it's the one that makes me laugh the most. He is talkative and admiring of all these super heroes, like me!