Merchandise: our Top 10 Collectibles for 2019

Partnerships, limited editions, personalization ... the Disneyland Paris collections are diversifying more than ever in recent months. The launch of shopDisney also highlighted the diversity of products previously reserved for theme parks, making them even more accessible. But if it is a range of merchandise that excites us particularly at InsidEars, it is indeed the "collectibles" products that pay tribute to the films, our parks and their icons, through qualitative or original designs. We had the chance to discover the current projects, and in this new year 2019, we are particularly eager to unveil our Top 10 collectibles that will be released in the coming months!

10. Star Tours: The Continuous Adventure figurine


Released December 28, 2018, this figure is essential for fans of the attraction! Made from the original plans of the Starspeeder 1000, the 30 cm tall figure has light functions and stands out from its base, inspired by the entrance to Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.

Price: 149 €

9. Pirates of the Caribbean Book - A treasure of an attraction


Inaugurating a new collection of books dedicated to the iconic attractions of Disneyland Paris, Pirates of the Caribbean - A treasure of an attraction will be released in stores by February. 96 pages long and written in French / English, the book - produced by the InsidEars team - details the history and specificities of the French version of the attraction, through numerous archival documents , testimonials, photos and unique details.

Price: € 19.99

8. Rémy Statue


Are you a fan of the world of Ratatouille and the many details of the Place de Rémy? So this resin statue with copper patina of 25 cm is made for you. If the design speaks to you, it is normal: it is a faithful reproduction of the figurine of Rémy at the top of the fountain! This one was realized from the 3D files of Walt Disney Imagineering, used for the construction of the land. On sale: April 2019.

Price: € 49.99

7. Disney Park transportation wooden models


A product already present in the american Disney Parks finally made its way to Paris: for fans of models and Disney vehicles, why not combine these two passions with small wooden models, to assemble without glue. They even have a lift system to move them forward! The first wave to arrive in February features a Disneyland Railroad locomotive, a Main Street U.S.A. Tram, and Cinderella's Coach.

Price: Train: 89,99 € / Tramway and Coach: 69,99 € each

6. Tinkerbell Snow Globe


They are popular and for a good reason! This new Tinkerbell snow globe takes on the setting of an iconic scene from the Peter Pan animated feature, the one where the fairy lands on the mirror in Wendy's bedroom. Fans will even recognize the Darling family photo frame, which can be personalized with their own photo! This exclusive Disneyland Paris snow globe is 27 cm high and will be released in February.

Did you know ? Several Art Merchandise artists from Disneyland Paris worked for the Montreuil Disney Studios in the 90s!

Price: 129 €

5. Tower of Terror sculpture


Did you like the sculpture of the Sleeping Beauty Castle released in 2017? Lovers of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, you won't want to miss this new achievement scheduled for April! Sold in a beautiful glass case signed HTH, this sculpture marks a new collaboration with the Sculptures Department of Walt Disney Imagineering. The most attentive will have noticed that the hotel seems intact in its representation. This is because the Hollywood Tower Hotel of this version is located before the tragic events that we know well. The idea behind this product is that it could be a high-end souvenir that would have been sold at the time in the shop of the establishment, when it was still open.

Price: 129 €

4. Mickey Toon Studio Sculpture


Already presented as a preview at the InsidEars Very Mickey Christmas party, this statue is 50 cm high! This is a perfect reproduction of the Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey Mouse that marks the entrance to Toon Studio at Walt Disney Studios Park! Here again, it was made from the original files for greater authenticity. Spring release 2019.

Price: 219 €

3. Phantom Manor poster on wooden plate


Expected to go on sale at the same time as the reopening of the attraction, this 70 cm poster of Phantom Manor, printed on an old wooden plate, will add an authentic and mysterious western touch to your interior!

Price: € 69.99

2. Phantom Manor Book - The attraction decrypted


Following the book on Pirates of the Caribbean, a new book in the same collection (with the same writing and directing team) will be released at the time of the reopening of the attraction, focusing this time on secrets of the infamous haunted mansion.

Price: € 19.99

1. 2019 Disneyland Park "Fun Map"


The return of a classic! A tradition of more than 60 years continues with the first new "fun map" Disneyland Paris since 1995 (which was an adaptation of the 1992 with a new logo)! Fans can find this new poster detailing the map of Disneyland Park, in a deluxe format of 1m wide, shop and Art on Demand format. To create this collector product, the InsidEars team approached the artists of Walt Disney Imagineering to create a new design full of details!

Price: € 7.99