Disneyland Paris presents its new brand campaign

There is a place where all the magic of the Disney universe – its wonderful tales, its incredible stories – really exists: Disneyland Paris.

To tell about this place like no other and launch the new signature of the « where magic gets real » brand campaign, the BETC agency has created a movie that will be released throughout Europe this December 25.

This movie tells the epic and moving story of a little wild duck who finds by accident a Disney magazine and becomes passionate about Donald Duck.

The days and the seasons go by, our little duck lives Donald Duck, breathes Donald Duck, sleeps Donald Duck. The magazine is his most precious possession. But winter arrives and forces the whole family of the little duck to migrate and the magazine is unfortunately too heavy to be part of the journey …

To the music of an intimate version of the iconic song “The Impossible Dream” (The Quest), this advertising movie brings a change to the communication codes of the brand and flirts with that universal tales that are a hallmark of the Disney brand.

This adventure blends love, humor and bravery and speaks to all – young and old – who grew up with a Disney idol and dream of meeting it one day. Made mainly in CGI, the movie ends with a small surprise as Donald Duck appears in feathers and bones: Disneyland Paris thus reminds us of its unique and essential role as a gateway between the imaginary world of Disney movies and the real world. At Disneyland Paris, magic is real.